The following regulations are in effect : 


- Riding all terrain vehicules (ATV's) is forbidden on the campground except to access the ATV trail and upon return.

- The speed limit is 10 km/h at all times. All-terrain vehicles are prohibited.

- Damaging trees and plant in any way is strictly forbidden. Anyone caught doing so is liable to fine and will be expelled without refund.


- Garbage, recyclables material and other waste are to be disposed in appropriate containers made available to campground users.

  It is strictly forbidden to discard them elsewhere.

- Dogs and other animals must be kept leashed and under supervision at all times. Barking and other animal noise are not tolerated.

  Owner must clean their animal's excrement and dispose of them using garbage containers made available.

- The washing of motor vehicles, trailers and other rolling Equipment is strictly prohibited. No waste of water will be tolerated.

- Firearms, bow and crossbow, spears, etc, toy weapons  are prohibited on the premises.

- Laundry facilities and sanitary blocks are meant for campground users. Loitering is forbidden.

- Campfires must be kept small to moderate  and  must be supervised at ALL times. They must be made in their designated firepit

 and put out using water.

- The curfew is set from 11 pm to 8 am. Silence is essential during these hours.

- The use of any electric heating device is prohibited Inside tents and trailers.

- Prices are fixed for campers based on 2 adults, their children, their camping Equipment and their car.

- We reserve the right to expel without refund anyone or any group of campers who violates our régulations.

- Fireworks are NOT permitted unless a direct approval from the campground owner.

- Visitors must be registred at the front desk and pay the admission fee prior  to the use of the pool.

- It is forbidden to install a tent or extra camping equipment on a site without the authorization of the campground owner.

- No refund will be made in case of premature departure.

Modes de paiement


TEL: (418)-536-3322

Sans frais: 1 866 536-3322